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Refurbished Apple iPhone 14 Pro Space Black 128GB Grade B


Refurbished Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Space Black (Grade B)

This device has the original screen and battery.

Buy with confidence with a Fix My iFone Certified refurbished device.

All our devices are refurbished using high-quality parts.

As part of the refurbishment process, non-genuine parts such as screens, batteries etc. may have been used.

Each handset will be certified by us once it has passed the following:

  • Thorough secure wipe diagnostics & data removal.
  • GSMA Device Check™ for lost or stolen reports.

Complete Diagnostics Check

A comprehensive quality check will be done by our in-house technician before shipping out to ensure it reaches Fix My iFone standard.

It includes Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Device, Backlight, Device Screen, Screen Pixels, Headset Connection, Device Charging, Device Battery, Device Proximity, Camera (Front and rear), Device Vibration, Device Microphone, Device Speakers, Volume Control Keys, Android OS Information, RAM Information, Internal Memory, Storage Capacity, Device Call Test, Device Condition Logging.

Data Wipe (ADISA certified)

Erasing electronic device data is an excellent way to protect customer data and safe in the knowledge that all precious data has been destroyed.

All electronic devices sold by Fix My iFone use industrial leading data erasing solution that ensures that all data is permanently removed.

GSMA Device Check™

With GSMA Device Check™ we can find out instantly whether a device has been reported lost or stolen through the world’s most accurate registry of device status.

We check to see if

  • The device is Global GSM/LTE network blocked
  • The device has had multiple registered owners
  • The device has been reported lost
  • The device has been previously recycled
  • The device has been subject to an insurance claim
  • The device has been reported stolen to UK Police
  • The device has outstanding finance


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