SYNCWIRE UltraRock iPhone XR Case Ultra-clear Transparent Back – Matte Black


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  • Advanced drop protection: the Syncwire UltraRock iPhone XR case combines flexible and shock-absorbing materials, made by Bayer AG, with a crystal clear polycarbonate back (1.5 mm thickness). The shock-absorbing bumper is made of a highly efficient material that absorbs and dissipates the impact force so that the impact force cannot penetrate to your iPhone XR.
  • Additional Safeguard technology raised edges for the front screen and the back camera provide extra protection when the phone is on a flat surface. Furthermore, there are 3 air cushions for each inner corner, which protect against every fall (scientifically proven).
  • Compatible with wireless charging and screen protectors. Due to the extreme lightweight design and thin designs, wireless charging works with the Syncwire UltraRock iPhone XR case. Unlike most other cases where pressure on the 4 corners of the screen protector leads to lift the film off the screen and formation of air bubbles, the Syncwire UltraRock iPhone XR case fits perfectly with 2.5D & 3D screen protectors.
  • Designed by Syncwire to complement the iPhone XR, the UltraRock iPhone XR case fits exactly over the curves of your device without adding extra bulk or scratching the edges of your iPhone when you remove the case; the lightning port and function buttons are always accessible.
  • The crystal clear back is designed to protect the original look of the iPhone XR without yellowing over time. Due to the hermetically sealed design, no dust or dirt gets to the back. In addition, the crystal clear back is smearproof.


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